Thursday, June 9, 2011

1. Awesomestuffs in 365 (Having affogato with bestie)

Life becomes great when we slow down our path in life and enjoy the moment with our bestie.
having a cup affogato, sipping it slowly, feeling the evening breeze , looking at the park and having deep secret with my best friend just makes my day. I feel so relax like never before, putting aside of my problems and indulge myself in this carefree life. I'm glad that i have a best friend who share such great moment with me and i'm grateful to have you and will cherish the friendship that we have.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


It's Jared birthday again! The birthday boy finally turns 20 while others are prepare heading to 21.  I always wanted to try out Fullhouse but never had a chance. So when Jared ask me where to celebrate his birthday the first thing came to my mind was Fullhouse ! Fullhouse basically is a lifestyle concept store and cafe. It is not an ordinary cafe ,everything under its roof are for sale, from clothes to fashion accessories. We went to the Sunway Giza branch and here is the outlook of it.

  The ambiance is good and is suitable for shoppers to recharge their energy after a whole walking day.

 Wok-Sear Chicken chop. RM16.90.Grilled chicken thigh served with mashed potato, daily vegetable and black pepper raisin juice. The meat was tender and the juice kinda spice up the dish. It has a mixture of sweetness and spiciness.

Vongole Spaghetti. RM16.90, Sauteed spaghetti with clam meat and chilli flakes in olive oil. 

Peppermint + Chocolate topped with chocolate syrup. Too sweet for my liking. 

Tiramisu+Magic Ball. 

The birthday boy happily waiting for his food. 

A picture of me with tiffany and a cute pink car. 

lastly, this is the 3rd year we had celebrated together. My life will be imperfection without your existence, looking forward to celebrate with you in future. Happy Blessed Birthday :)

Friday, October 29, 2010



Wednesday, October 27, 2010


wtf, wtf, wtf! i do what i like and you have no rights to control me. I'm not a decent girl who speak softly and act girly. I'm a loud person, i talk loudly, i laugh loudly, who the hell are you trying to change me to a decent girl even my boyfriend didn't ask me to do so ,so STFU and FO!  


Sunday, August 1, 2010

i'm 20 !

July 18,2010 is the day i turned 20. 

Guess where i went to celebrate this day ?
Gold Coast it is. Nope, not the one in Australia,i went to the Malaysia version Gold Coast which located in Sepang.

I always wanted to go this place, there was once i had the chance to stay there but i missed it. I have chose to go to Perth instead of going Gold Coast. Haha but god is on my side ! The day before my birthday i told dear that i feel like going there but i know the possibility to go is kinda low because both of us do not know the way and we do not have a GPS. Somehow dear decided to bring me there to fulfill my wish. Both of us are just way too awesome, we did not get lost and manage to reach home on time. 

We took about an hour to reach there.The weather was very windy and felt like i was having a vacation in Maldives.
At first we only manage to enter to the lobby but dear put an effort to call his dad to get us in. Fyi dear's dad is the project manager of the place. Thanks a lot dear !

We had fun fooling around and took tonnes of pictures. I love the place !Their services was good, the people there are friendly, they will greet and smile to you when passes you. If you are lazy or too tired to walk , they even provides buggy to drive you around. 

So Balinese!

Camhoring in the car. My eyes almost 1x larger than dear eyes. Mata Sepet heh.

This is the building located in front of the lobby.

Our visitor pass.

The swimming pool ! see how nice was the weather. The sky was so cloudy and windy.

Canary Palm Villas

Premier Travelers Palm Villas


Dear happily posing for me. 

We able to view sunrise or sunset from here.

I'm a happy girl ! 

As you can see, there are not many people walking around. Dear and me have fun taking pics while walking.

Acting cute but failed max.

Saw the buggy behind me ?

Dear acting cool 

Lastly, posing with the room number which represented my birthday.

I really enjoyed the moment i spend here.Although we didn't get to stay but I'm happy enough to spend my time here. A special birthday celebration indeed. No birthday cake, no candle light dinner but a trip to relax my mind. Hehe dear thanks for everything. 

Sunday, June 20, 2010

3rd year anniversary

3 years down the road and we will have plenty more years to go, dear thanks for being with me , tolerate me in this period of time. Although we don't have a grand celebration but with your companion, everything just seems so great. Food was tasty, movie was awesome and the most important thing was i have you with me .

This was the place we spend our dinner which located at Bandar Puteri Puchong.

These was what we ordered. Braised Lamb shank. The meat taste like chicken somehow but overall it was good.

Mixed Seafood Macaroni. Greedy boy sapu all the gravy.

Favourite picture of the day

My fatty bom bom, i love you!Te amo! Je t'aime!

Saturday, May 22, 2010


went to Tenji on Friday which is the next day of steamboat dinner, pity my stomach, i can imagine it will become bigger and rounder until i can't see my feet some day if i continue to eat like this. 

dear and me 

the sweet sweet couple bobo and jenny.

Everyone was busy taking their food right after they went in but me being the exception one was busy snapping pics. I just love taking food pics!

Here comes the appetizer, fresh oysters. Tenji's oysters are super big and fresh ! 

Bobo posing with his humongous oyster.This is his 1st time eating it of cos need to take pics la ! .               

Sushi counter

with plenty of varieties .

Traffic light sushi 

Salmon sushi. Salmon is fresh and the thickness was just nice.

Tenji's sushi is omfg good. Way better than what i had in HOB, their sushi comes in many varieties and they don't serve jelly sushi. The rice texture is not very sticky, it won't make you feel jelak at all.

Grilled lamb. 
This is well cooked according to the lamb expert, jared .According to him, the meat is easy to chew and it  easily shred off from the bone. According to me, it is well marinated but the piece i had was too hard to chew, maybe i'm the unlucky 1 who get that. Cause 3 of them were very satisfied with these meal. 

Dory fish 
It was ok, neither too good nor bad.

Squid ,squid, squid

Lobster salad


1st time trying this, a bit chewy

steam fish
This is REAL good, it doesn't has the soil taste and the meat is so tender and succulent. Four of us sapu 3 of these, Kindly recommended to all of you.  

Cheese bake oyster. Tenji's daily special.
The waiter and waitress will serve it to your table. Looking at this pic just makes me drool, it is so cheesy and yummay.

 Roast lamb
This comes from 

kesian the lamb.


steamboat with variety of seafood 

Let's move on to the desert section

japanese light cake and chocolate mint

durian cheesecake!
oh my oh my, saliva is dripping. The aroma of durian stays in my mouth for quite long after i had this, the durian taste is so rich !

Kindori pineapple ice cream. 

Haagen Daaz.

 Baskin Robins
The cherry flavour taste like coughing medicine, yucks

Enough for food pics, i'll show you some vain pics we took.

Our face become so bulat already.

haha so damn fat lo, luckily i'm not the only 1 who gains weight, dear is getting fatter and fatter too.

Lastly, a picture of me will be a good ending for this post.